Md Mahmudur Rahman PhD, a part time consultants of H M ENAM & CO who joined as a lecturer in the Department of Public Administration of Jahangirnagar University in April 08, 2007, is currently an associate professor of the same department. He completed both BSS (Bachelor of Social Sciences) and MSS (Master of Social Sciences) degrees from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh obtaining first class second positions in both in 2004 and 2006 respectively. After joining the university, side by side with teaching, he has been working with various research projects and published more than fourteen articles in different national and international journals and two international research reports funded by JICA and FAO respectively. Most of his articles are concerned with urban governance, food security, national and international security and the issues of public sector management. With a keen interest in international politics, security politics, and international terrorism, he began his PhD research at the Department of International Relations in Ankara University, Turkey. He is studying the impact of post-9/11 US counterterrorism policies on different religions, races, and ethnic groups locally and globally, and on various aspects of security politics in the international arena. His research interest includes governance and public policy with the concentration on international terrorism, global security, politics of security, critical security, and the issues of securitization.