Mr.  Md. Enamul Hasan FCA is  the  founder  Partner  of H M Enam & Co. Chartered Accountants. He is  a Fellow  Member  of  the  Institute  of  Chartered  Accountants  of  Bangladesh .    He  did  his  B. B A (Hons.) in Accounting & Information  Systems  from  Dhaka  University  in  the  year 2004  and  M.  B A     from  the  same institution  in  2007.     He  has  remarkable  work experience throughout his career.

Mr. Hasan is one of the founder partners of  Haque Hasan Ahmed & Associates, a leading management consulting firm in Bangladesh  since 2013. Mr. Hasan entered into the Public Accounting Practice in 2016 capacity  as  a  partner  in  a renowned  C A   firm. In July 2019 Mr. Hasan merged his consulting firm with his founded CA and Mangement Consulting  firm Namely H M Enam &Co. Chartered Accountants.

Mr.  Hasan  has  been working  as  an  independent  auditor  and public  accountant  for  about  five  years  in  his  capacity  as  a  partner  in  a renowned  accounting  firm  in  Bangladesh  and  thus  has wide  experience  of  the  private  sector  accounting  and  audit  in  Bangladesh.  He  has  extensively worked for the UNDP, UNCDF, World Bank and other donors on various financial/ economic review related  assignments.

As a Chartered Accountant in practice, he gained wide experience in preparation and maintenance of  accounts,  devising  and  introducing  accounting  systems,  examining  and  recommending improvements  in  internal  control  systems,  valuation  of  businesses,  designing  procurement management  systems,  investigation  of   accounts,  proposing  improvements  in  budgetary  control and financial management systems, purchase and stock control systems etc.

As  a  professional  accountant,  he  gained  wide  and  varied  experience  in  planning,  conducting  and supervising  statutory  and  non-statutory  audits  in  a large  number  of  manufacturing  and  trading organizations and financial institutions   in Bangladesh.

Mr Hasan’s present engagement in the most area with major clients is as: Our Valued Clients.